Jamie Neppl


Hi, my name is Jamie Neppl and I live in Breckenridge with my husband, Justin Neppl, and my 3 kids, Karsyn, Easton, and Addisyn.  Justin and I have been married since 2005 and have lived in Breckenridge all our lives.

I have always loved kids so growing up I always knew I would be in a profession that involved children.  When I graduated Breckenridge High School I went to NDSCS for my General Associates Degree with an emphasis in Pre-Education and then transferred to Moorhead State where I received my Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education in the Spring of 2005.  Immediately after graduation I helped start the after school program, ECI, in the Wahpeton School District.  I was the director at ECI for about a year but I chose to leave the position as I desired more hours and the after school program did not offer many hours during the year.  I took a position with Bank of the West in Wahpeton as a teller, and within a month a friend of mine called and asked if I was interested in buying their daycare business.After discussing it with my husband, I put my 2 weeks in at Bank of the West after only 1 month working there and began my career as a business owner in 2005.  The business we purchased was called Lil Tykes and was located in South Wahpeton.  We rented a small space from and the area was licensed for 18 kids.  Over the next year and half we were full, and had a lengthy waiting list.  My husband and I began to search for commercial real estate to purchase.  In 2008, we purchased a building from Ro-Banks in Wahpeton and moved our group daycare to a center licensed for 49 kids.  At that time we incorporated and found out we needed to change our name as there was a Lil Tykes Daycare already in the state in North Dakota.  So we formed the corporation as Tiny Tykes.  In 2010, the previous owner of ECI reached out to me about taking the after school program over that I helped him start up 6 years previous.  It seemed like a good time for us as a family to take it on so we accepted the challenge and formed Wahpeton Youth Club to operate out of the Wahpeton School District.   In 2013, we were approached by the Wahpeton School District to take on the 21st Century Grant through the after school program Wahpeton Youth Club.  This 21st Century Grant expanded Wahpeton Youth Club into Fairmount ND. In 2015 we opened our Milnor location which is licensed currently as a group daycare. We provide services to 30 children. We are excited to announce our new Battle Lake, MN location opened in the fall of 2018!