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At Tiny Tykes Inc, we know that having your baby away from you is a very big deal. We assure you that we are here every step of the way and will help make the transition as smooth as possible. You’ll see that our infant room has a nurturing, "home away from home" look and feel.

The benefits of our Infant Care program include:

  • One-on-one interactions with staff members (including holding and cuddling)
  • Opportunities to exercise large and small muscles doing activities like rolling over, kicking, sitting, crawling, reaching, and grasping
  • Accept MN and ND CCA
  • Diapers are checked regularly and changed as needed
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When your children become toddlers, they reach an age where they’re always moving and becoming more independent and expressive as they explore their world. That’s why we ensure a safe and secure environment where they can freely move and explore. At Tiny Tykes Inc, our teachers will provide a routine of engaging learning opportunities to encourage important developmental skills such as problem-solving, coordination, and self-help.

The benefits of our Toddler Care program include:

  • Opportunities to assist children in practicing and increasing their expressive language skills
  • Daily activities to encourage large motor and fine motor skills including running, jumping, climbing, scribbling, puzzles, and playdough
  • Accept MN and ND CCA
  • Teachers can assist with toilet learning
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At this stage in life, preschool children are exploring their environment, learning new skills, and starting to form friendships with their classmates. Our daily schedule at Tiny Tykes Inc is full of activities to stimulate their minds and keep them busy. You can be confident that we’ll help get your child ready for kindergarten.

The benefits of our Preschool Program include:

  • Literacy and language activities include language skills, spoken words, written words, group stories, and some sign language
  • The children learn to take personal responsibility for their own physical needs and are encouraged to try new and challenging tasks
  • Accept MN and ND CCA
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Summer School Age Care

Tiny Tykes Inc has a sister company, Wahpeton Youth Club, that offers summer program for school-age children. Since a child’s development happens year-round, we believe it should also continue in the summers. We have created an effective program that will ensure children are having fun and learning.

The benefits of our Summer Camp program include:

  • Field trips and transportation to individual youth activities
  • Daily interactive activities including science experiments, paper crafts, board games, and more
  • Opportunities to keep active in the form of sports and water-related fun
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After School Care

Keep your kids engaged and learning even after the school bell rings with Tiny Tykes Inc sister company, Wahpeton Youth Club. Our After School program is perfect for parents who work late and provides kids with a structured environment where they can socialize and play. Your child will enjoy a snack, get help with homework, play activities and more.

The benefits of our After School program include:
  • Safe and structured environment
  • Aligns with most parent's work schedules
  • Daily activities and games
  • Help with homework from our friendly staff
  • Snacks are provided
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